Pink Floyd Trivia

A collection of not so well known facts about Pink Floyd involving inflatable pigs, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Douglas Adams, The Beatles, Buffy Sainte Marie, George Orwell and "The Wind in the Willows" amongst other things!


In 1999 Pink Floyd's David Gilmour worked with ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney on his solo album "Run Devil Run.

The original guitarist in Pink Floyd was Bob Klose who left to become a photographer.

The inflatable pig on the cover of the 1977 release "Animals" escaped it's tethers during the photo shoot for the artwork, flew into flight lanes of Heathrow Airport causing havoc for planes and eventually landed in a field in Kent.

Before finally becoming "Pink Floyd" the band were also known as Sigma 6, The Screaming Abdabs, The Meggadeaths and Tea Set.

David Gilmour helped to launch singer Kate Bush's career - he sent her demo-tape to his contacts at EMI . David was present during the recording of Kate's debut album , "The Kick Inside."

Pink Floyd won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental for 'Marooned' from the 1994 album "The Division Bell".

The only member of Pink Floyd to appear on every release from the band is drummer Nick Mason.

The 1977 album "Animals" uses the imagery and sounds of pigs, dogs, and sheep as a tribute to the central characters in the classic novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell.

When Sir Bob Geldof appeared in the 1982 film of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" he had to improvise as he wasn't given a script to work from!

The name of the album "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" was taken from the title of chapter 7 of "The Wind In The Willows" the children's book by Kenneth Grahame. Although the title is taken from the book, the album does not reflect the story told within the novel

The name "Pink Floyd" was chosen by Syd Barrett - named after two American blues musicians called Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
There is a Pink Floyd tribute band called Anderson Council

"Bike" was written by Syd Barrett as an unusual love song for his girlfriend at the time Jenny Spires.

Jenny Spires also appeared in the Pink Floyd song Lucifer Sam where she was referred to as "Jennifer Gentle".

While Pink Floyd were recording "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" at EMI's studios in Abbey Road, London in 1967 The Beatles were in another of the studios recording "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

"Dark Side of the Moon" holds the record for the most time spent on the USA's Billboard album chart.

Syd Barrett was born Roger Keith Barett. He got the nickname 'Syd' from his friends when he was 15, after a drummer named Sid Barrett who lived locally.

Syd Barrett and David Gilmour played together in a band named Jokers Wild prior to joining Pink Floyd.

When Pink Floyd played their first concert in Japan in 1971, they were supported by Buffy Sainte Marie and The 1910 Fruit Gum Company

In 1967 Richie Havens was also on the bill when Pink Floyd played The Winterland Ballroom for the first time

Apparently the name of the cow on the cover of Atom Heart Mother is Lulubelle III.

Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking makes a guest appearance on "The Division Bell* album; providing the robotic speech vocals on the track "Keep Talking".

It is estimated that 1 in every 12 people in the world have a copy of Pink Floyd's top selling album "Dark Side of the moon".

The author of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", Douglas Adams, named "The Division Bell" album.