Pink Floyd Tribute Bands - Europe

Shine onThere are dozens of Pink Floyd tribute acts performing all across Europe

The UK bands are listed on the UK Pink Floyd Tribute bands page.

The other European tribute bands and cover acts from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Switzerland include Final Cut, Echoes, Euphonia, Mun Floyd, Psychedelicate,Pulse, The Gunner's Dream, Shine On, Pink Division and Juliadream.

There are 19 european bands reviewed on this page.


Big One - Italy

The BIG ONE were formed in 1990 by guitarist Elio Verga. They have sold over 5000 copies of their live DVD.

The current line up is: Leonardo De Muzio - guitar and vocals , Elio Verga- guitars, Claudio Pigarelli Comai and Alessio - piano, hammond, synth , Paul Iemmi - bass and singing, Stefano Raimondi - drums and percussion. Special guests Rossana D'Auria, Luciana Vaona and Debora Farina (choirs), David Agnoli (sax).


Crazy Diamond - Switzerland

Formed in summer 2001, Crazy Diamond are : Dani Bucher, Üse Junger, Bryan Pfister, Andreas Neisser, Bernd Hasenfraz, Felix Waldispühl, Kata Hanke, Tom Zbinden, Fabian Koch, Felix Lämmli.

They havae played in many prestigious clubs including Moonwalker, Kammgarn, Schüür, Hall 36, Stadtkeller, Zak & Scala.


Echoes - Germany

German Pink Floyd Tribute band. Echoes are :

Oliver Hartmann - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals.
Martin Hofman - Fender Precision Bass, Bass Pedal, Vocals.
Paul Kunkel - Keyboards, Sound Effects, Vocals.
Steffen Maier - Drums & Percussion.
Guest Performers: Lee Mayall - Saxophones , Michael Unger - Saxophones, Stefan Weilmünster - Saxophones, Guitar, Vocals, Bobby Sattler - Saxophones


Euphonia - Italy

A 7-piece band from Turin in Italy, started in 1996 by Lorenzo Neri and Guido Tempia , who have played over 150 performances of Pink Floyd music.


The Gunners Dream - Sweden

A Swedish band, formed in January 2001, named after "The Gunner's Dream" a track from the 1983 Pink Floyd album "The Final Cut".

Band Members: Mille Tafakkori - Vocals and Guitars, Patrik Olsson and Lars Erikkson - Guitars, Hasse Törnqvist - bass guitar, Attila Publik - Keyboards, Thibo Dumon - drummer, Joel Westburg - Saxaphone, Helene Engstand & Veronica Nilsson - backing vocalists.


Juliadream - Italy

Juliadream is an Italian Pink Floyd Tribute Band from Brescia.

Mun Floyd - Italy

Formed in Florence/Firenze in February 1999 . The singers, guitarist, bassist and keyboardist play as faithfully as Gilmour, Waters and Wright.

In June 2008 Mun Floyd perform 'Atom Heart Mother with Ron Geeson at The Chelsea Festival in London, England


Pink Division - Norway

The Pink Division are a Floyd Tribute band from Norway. They were formed in 1996 by the founding members Arne Hjemaas , Ernst Storeide, Hans Stokland and Ivan Danielsen.

Today the band now has six members including their 2 female backing vocalists Gry Stemland and Veronica Esaiassen


Pink Floyd Project - Denmark

Pink Floyd Project from Denmark have 10 band members: Thomas Ulrik Larsen - Guitars and Vocals, Søren Thulin - guitarist, Steven Ardilsø - bass guitar, Christoffer Magdalus Jespersen - keyboards, Martin Berthelsen - keyboards, Jakob Vand - drums, Peter Holten - saxophones, Trine Gry on vocals, Stine Schwennesen & Line Ekman - backing vocals.

In addition, they have a permanent crew of four techs on sound/lights/films.


Pulse - Germany

Pulse are another band from Germany.


Psychedelicate - Italy

An Italian band formed in March 2000. Psychedelicate won the Rock Contest at Pove del Grappa for cover bands and were the highest placed Italian band in the global online "Arnold Layne " contest organised by David Gilmour via his blog (The winners were the Israeli band "Rockfour").


Shine On - Sweden

Shine on - Swedish Pink Floyd Tribute A Ten piece tribute band from Sweden formed in 2004.

Shine On perform a three hour live stage show playing songs from the albums Atom Heart Mother through to to The Division Bell.

They recently played a two night open air show in Falkenberg, Sweden.


Spectrum - Italy

An Italian band. The name is derived from “Spectrum Five”, one of the names of Pink Floyd’s early line-ups, and inspired by the spectrum of light on the cover of Floyd's “Dark Side of the Moon” album.

Spectrum have now changed their name to "THE PINK FLOYD SOUND" and are to be found performing mainly in theatres and big clubs in Italy


Syd Barretina - Spain

A one man Pink Floyd tribute show from Catalonia in Spain! Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, two pedals and a lot of charisma on stage, Syd Barretina has managed to earn a good reputation over his four-year 200 + performance career


The Final Cut - Germany

Pink Floyd & Roger Waters Tribute band from Saarland, Germany formed in 1997. Their live shows last from 2 - 3 hours on stage.

Line up: Rainer Schneider - vocals & bass, Olaf Arweiler - keyboards & vocals, Werner Melchior - guitars, Alexander Dräger - drums.


The Pink Floyd Experience - Norway

A Norwegian band who were formed after they saw Pink Floyd performing live in 1994 at Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway.

The band members are Asle Tostrup, Anders Hovdan, Bjørn Riis, Joachim Slikker, Jørgen Hagen.

Playing classics such as "Careful with that Axe Eugene", Echoes and Dogs of War as well as tracks form "Dark Side of The Moon".


The Pink Floyd Project - Germany

A German tribute formed in 2003, playing tracks from "The Division Bell"

The current line up is: Frank Altpeter - lead vocals and guitar, Jürgen Thiel - lead and acoustic guitars, Andreas Mittermüller - bass guitar, Karl-Heinz Luther - keyboards and backing vocals, Thomas Luther - drums and guitars, Kai Kessler - drums and percussion, Gerhard Bleich - saxophone and backing vocals, Jennifer Luther - backing vocals, Katharina Bill - backing vocals, Anne Stippler - backing vocals.


The Pink Floyd Sound - Italy

An Italian Pink Floyd Tribute band formerly known as "Spectrum" - see above


The Pink Tones - Spain

The Pink Tones are from Madrid in Spain