History of Think Floyd

The Gates Of Dawn

Think Floyd were formed in May 1994 by four Pink Floyd fans from South London -Tony Red, Paul "Wiggy" Whisker, Pete Mizen and Brian Duell. They had been playing the Pub Rock scene together for many many months, Then someone suggested that they play a Pink Floyd song... and they never looked back!

As they played "Comfortably Numb" for the first time the audience response was amazing, From that day on they became "Think Floyd" - the original UK Pink Floyd tribute band.

They were soon to be joined by the incredible vocal talents of Lorraine Delvino, providing those haunting vocals on "Great Gig In The Sky"

The original Think Floyd line up

The original Think Floyd line up: L to R -Lorraine Delvino - Backing Vocals, Tony Red - Vocals and Bass, Paul Whisker - Drums, Brain Duell - keyboards and Pete Mizen - guitars.

Let There Be Light

Although they were at the top of their field, in 1997 the members of Think Floyd decided that although they loved to play the music of Pink Floyd that now was time to use their musical and songwriting talents to write their own original songs. These songs inspired by the musical genius of Pink Floyd and set Think Floyd apart from the usual Tribute acts.

Hope the first album from Think Floydwas released in 1997.

The Roger Waters Fan Club in California USA review of this album recommended that every Pink Floyd should buy a copy!:

Brian Duell was to leave the band after four years and was replaced by Rick Melville, a classically trained pianist and keyboard player, in 1998.

The second album "Beyond Boundaries" was released in January 2000 - another CD of original songs written by the talented Tony Red. This album also received worldwide critical acclaim and has sold many thousands of copies.

In 2001 Tony Red released a solo album called "Positive Waves".