Hope is the first album released by Think Floyd. The albun has ten original tracks written by Think Floyd's founder member Tony Red and also includes instrumental contributions from the original Thik Floyd keyboard player Brian Duell on keyboards, Wiggy Whisker on drums and Peter Mizen on guitar.

If you are a Pink Floyd / Roger Waters fan then the album 'Hope' is a real must.

Rather than hide their musical influences, the members of the band openly celebrate them with a collection of Floydian inspired original compositions.

This album has been bought by thousands of fans worldwide. Track listing and Lyrics

Think Floyd Hope track listing and lyrics

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Beyond Boundaries


The second Think Floyd album was where Tony Red really triumphed with his songwriting.

In the beginning he felt it was a daunting task to follow the success of the 1st album 'Hope', but as new ideas began to take shape it was clear that Think Floyd had truly gone 'Beyond Boundaries'.

Beyond Boundaries was completed in the studio in December 1999 and released on CD in January 2000.

Michael Simone, gave the album a fantastic review on his Roger Waters Fan Club website and magazine - comparing Tony Red's songwriting and singing to Roger Waters

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Positive Waves


Positive Waves was Tony Red's first album on leaving Think Floyd.

Although this album explores new musical territory, Positive Waves has a very strong Pink Floyd influence - Tony Red says "Pink Floyd will always be in my bones".

Positive Waves features 2 new musicians: Nigel Hine - playing acoustic and electric guitars, and saxophonist Phil Simpson on tenor sax.

Tony Red is the songwriter, lead vocalist and plays bass..

The songs on the album are based on what the album title suggests - As we travel through life we have good and bad times, but with the right positive mental attitude we can make the most of life and enjoy what we have .

Track listing and Lyrics

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